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About Berkshire Fairfield Insurance Agency, LLC

Berkshire Fairfield Insurance Agency focuses on providing customized insurance brokerage and risk management services for commercial and private clients.

Our firm has the experience, resources, and intellectual capital to apply our risk management process consistently to all clients across multiple industries. 

Commercial Insurance & Risk Management

Your time and attention is focused on your company’s core business and your customers’ needs. We alleviate insurance concerns by learning about you and your operations, identifying real exposures, and recommending solutions to eliminate risks or insure against them.

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Private Client Insurance

Technology has triggered a change in the way that customers purchase personal insurance. Custom solutions require not only technology but also a person-to-person interface that is missing from a static website or call center transaction. We take a concierge approach to managing your personal portfolio to provide a unique course of action that addresses your family and lifestyle needs.

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Advisory Services

Whether you need help with auditing your business operations, assistance with claims management, or strategic long-term planning - our knowledgeable team will provide recommendations to correct deficiencies and help prevent or limit loss. 

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